I arrived in Negrești, Romania in the winter of 2011, together with a group of volunteers from Bucharest, knowing that we are heading to one of the poorest areas of the European Union. Once we got there we met the harsh reality of the Romanian village of Vaslui County, where we discovered hundreds of stories that moved us to the depths of our being.

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How can you get involved?

Learn how you can get involved and help a needing family


SEND PACKAGES or ORDER ONLINE non-perishable food with delivery to us.

You can order directly from Emag Supermarket.

You have no idea how many moms knock on our door because they ran out of baby food until they get the allowance.

So, dear friends, when you want to send us another package, please check the lists above.

For packages, you can use the address below.

Please write on the boxes the name and address of the sender in order to confirm their arrival.

*Phone number is for courier and emergency only. Please do not call for general information.

3,5% of income tax

Redirects3.5% of your company's income tax. Click above for details.


Get directly involved and make your time available to families in Vaslui.

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If you have a company, find out how you can get involved to make a difference.


You can donate via the link above or write to us privately via Facebook or email.

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Whatever you can do to help, do it with all your strenght!

All we have at our disposal is today, because we have no guarantees about tomorrow.


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