Day 354 – The sky

Day 354 – The sky

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I miss the sky.

When I see ugliness, unforgiveness and judgment in my soul, things that are hard for me to correct inside of me.

When I see evil and injustice around me, in comments, in the way we look at people.

I miss the Heaven.

The perfect one that is descriebed in the Holy Books, where all the children are wearing shoes and are dressed, the adults don’t lie anymore and they are good and the old people don’t fall asleep crying…

and this longing makes me to want more and more to live beautifully…



We left today with a full minibus and another car from Cluj to Bojila and Madarjac, the villages with impassable roads that we have not been able to reach for over a month and where people called us desperate because they have no food or wood. Indeed, I vote for them as the poorest villages we are currently in. We continue to discover families that live in conditions hard to imagine.

The family lives in the “biology office”, in a clay room, with earth on the floor and a stove that is falling, guarded by a door as big as China received as a donation from the town hall. They have 6 children, all 8 live in the same room, they sleep in two beds with sponge “mattresses”. You cand read in their eyes their helplessness. “We don’t know how to get out of here anymore. We want better for our children. “

Further down the valley, there is a house on the hill that seems to guard the entrance to Frumusica. The father is a hardworking man, he is a strong man. A few years ago he went to work in Denmark, illegally. Like many of our Romanians who are trying to escape poverty. He had a work accident that ruined his back and put him in screws… an accident that overshadowed the future of his 9 children. The employer has washed his hands and pretended it’s not his job, and he’s now trying to deal with his boys with wood from the forest and other heavier things to lift.

In their modest house, more than 50 children meet every Saturday. In his house come some young people from Iasi who teach him stories with biblical morals and songs. The room where the children meet is also a bedroom for some of the family’s children. The problem is that so many children destroyed the sofa on which you could sleep, you say that the Turks passed over it. You can see the boards and sit still when you sit down. We are looking for a good sofa offer to restore these children’s bedroom and at the same time to rearrange the space where the “future is built”,

There are many needs. For a man like me and you, they become overwhelming. But with God who sees them all, everything is possible.

We little ones take it step by step.

For example: 

– there is the option of “adopting” a family, take care of it and every month you help them with something and try to build a relationship. (this option is valid only for those who have donated so far to the association.

– you can send clothes, mattresses, bedding to the headquarters of our association. These things will be distributed in the villages we go through.

– you can donate to the association’s accounts.

And if you are overwhelmed by the needs of this area, my stories or the evils of the people, look to the sky.

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