Day 361 – Frozen legs

Day 361 – Frozen legs

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When was the last time your feet froze?


Today I sorted packages and received people who needed something on a cold to freeze the dwarves on the brain. I would never have said that I will have so much will to go outside in the cold… but it is impossible not to go out when you know that a few streets away, in the slum or in the village, there are people who are stuffed and wrapped in blankets to forget that they have no heat in the house.


When was the last time your feet froze?


When was the last time you fell asleep and woke up in the cold?


How does a mother or father feel when he or she can not do anything for their children in order to provide them the necessary things, as heat, food, and so on.


Imagine how do they feel when they see those little souls shivering from the cold. Certainly, they feel overwhelmed.


Perhaps this explains the despair of many of them who ask for help. And the hardest part is that I have to say no to some.


And the best part is that I can say yes to some. And with your help, I can say yes several times. A pack of sawdust briquettes costs 13 Ron. Enough to help a family to get warm for a day.


Can we change lives by heating them up? I do not know. But I know I can’t sleep peacefully knowing that there are children who are warmed in the evening only by the breath of their mother or siblings all crouched in the same bed.


Teodora was one of these children, last year at this time. And Ro as well. How many Teodore and Roxane are there in these villages waiting to be “seen” and loved with a barefoot love?

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